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The Wooden Girl
WoodenGirl 2955
The Wooden Girl, as drawn by Amelia Norvell

Fear of...

Being controlled, Abuse


The Screaming Tower



First Appearance

Debasing the Beef Canoe

The Wooden Girl is the first portrayal of the Fear of Control. She is from The Great Game Verse, where she appeared as a perverse puppet master in the form of a wooden marionette with a painted on face. She is typically seen with strings wrapped around her body that also manifest within her victims.

While it is possible to destroy The Wooden Girl's physical body (a common method being fire), she always survives by forcibly possessing the person closest to her. After she has taken full control of her new vessel, she will mutate it in to make it look more like a marionette. In Hidden in the Trees, she had her favorite servant, the Princess of Puppets, follow her wherever she went so they could provide a replacment body for her.

Her servants are known as the Dolls. Most Dolls are forced to become servants, having no control over their actions, but there are a select few that serve her of their own free will.

The Wooden Girl's domain is called the Screaming Tower.