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A Thoughtborn is one type of servant used by The Manufactured Newborn.

Whereas the Towerborn assimilate organic and inorganic materials like the Newborn itself, Thoughtborns have completely lost their physical form. Thanks to the mind being comprised of electrical signals, Thoughtborns are the result of the Manufactured Newborn stripping their consciousness from their body and pulling their minds and memories into its personal network. They exist only within the network as a type of Artificial Intelligence.

The first known Thoughtborn is Le Fay. She has shown a numerous capabilities that possibly any Thoughtborn could be capable of, such as access to any form of content across the internet, including video clips from various forms of media. They also seem capable of hacking if Le Fay's posts on blogs in the Shattered Psyche Verse are anything to go by; as she seemed responsible for turning anonymous comments in those blogs.