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Unseelie is an ongoing blog written by Hexillith. It is set in the fictional city of Tansermorghaine, which is ruled by six of the Nephilim and surrounded by a thick white mist filled with nasty things. It can be read here.

The story employs experimental, intentionally purple prose, and its Fear portrayals are generally amalgamations of multiple Fears.



The story's point of view rotates throughout the story as Mimir shifts their gaze.

  • Sivan: A ragged, fearful young woman enslaved by Lamia.
  • Ailiss: A maintenance worker and mother forced to take a dangerous job outside the city walls to provide for her family.
  • Breghan: A subversive agent working for Tansermorghaine's undercity, a network of thieves and rebels.

The Nephilim

Formal name for Unseelie's Fears. 

  • Mimir: "Scribe and seer of the Unseelie Court," and the story's narrator. Fear of Knowledge. Serves the Court; does not have any real power.
  • Lamia: Rules the city's largest factory district. Fear of Control, with strong shades of The Intrusion. Appears as a shriveled corpse, inside of which thousands of insects have made their home.
  • Pan: Rules the Orchard, Tansermorghaine's main source of food and other plant and animal products. Throws wild parties. Fear of Temptation and the Irrational. Appears as an attractive, almost-human man with curved horns.
  • Araun: Runs the city's court systems and police. Fear of Control. Appears as an impossibly tall, thin, robed figure with a deer skull mask.
  • Echo: Supervises maintenance and most of the city's dreariest jobs. Fear of Depersonalization, Isolation, and Ourselves. Appears as a pale woman who exhibits signs of hypothermia, and whose hair is crusted with ice. Radiates cold, both physical and psychological.
  • Dullahan: Rules most of Tansermorghaine's housing districts. Fear of Dying and Disease. Appears as a starving man covered in boils.
  • Morrighan: Supervises defense against the creatures which lurk outside the city. Fear of Nature. Appears as a woman with bloody claws and teeth, wearing a cape of black feathers which can transform into a flock of ravens. Uses the birds as scouts, sometimes working closely with Araun.
  • Cuannun: Servant of Araun, hunts down criminals and dissidents. Fear of Guilt. Appears as a large black dog or wolf, and can sense fear and guilt. Has many identical bodies.