The Fear Mythos Wiki

Well, hello there

I am probably not as active as I could be.

Terribly prone to long absences and short, frantic bursts of posting, editing, and community participation. If you see me posting/participating, assume that I'm either not in education (shocking to say now) or am desperately procrastinating

While not that active, I've now got four blogs to my name...only one of which is actually complete. (Whoops)

As my background is in anthropology, I've a tendency to over analyse the Fears and write them much more like flexible concept-beings, as opposed to meta near-deities.

Currently, I am job and house hunting and absolutely terrified for my future. (I'm. Done. With. My second MSc. Where the hell do I go from here?)

Random facts about the blogger

  1. I prefer gender neutral pronouns...they/theirs or zir/ze.
  2. I can recite all of V's introduction speech from "V for Vendetta" from memory in under 3 minutes.
  3. I routinely fail IQ tests, as my spacial-perceptual 'intelligence' is absolutely rotten
  4. That being said, I rarely get lost in places. This has come in handy
  5. I am short tempered and foul mouthed.
  6. Do NOT tempt me with telling me that you know 'everything about forensics, 'cause of CSI'...I have a very long winded rant why you are a terrible person and should feel bad about watching CSI.
  7. I run three other blogs outside of my two (activeish) Fear Mythos ones.
  8. A fact checking, forensic advice blog for writers and a more 'proper,' rarely updated big blog about my grad programs and lif in the UK