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ZacksQuest is an author for the Fear Mythos, beginning his work in late May 2012. He is really high school student Jacob Anderson. He has written four finished blogpastas and ten creepypastas.


Full-Length Standalone Blogs

Full-Length DanielVerse Blogs

  • Game Time (STATUS: Taken over by NoFourthWall, Completed)



Non-Mythos Blogs

Other Notable Contributions

With the help of alliterator, he created a new group of Fears known as The Answer, which are used occasionally by other Mythos members. He also created a group of servants for The Brute known as The Crimson Knights, an idea that was later revised and expanded on by other authors.

He also created Mister Oculus, a television show broadcasted from Tower TV that is hosted by the Eye.

Writing Style and Personality

ZacksQuest enjoys writing prolifically, but only when the blog itself is so short that he finishes the blog in one sitting. As such, most of his blogs are short, even for blogpastas, usually revolving around one or two Fears only.

He is emotionally unstable and feels detached. Probably them teenage hormones.